Dvdmovie’s clubpenguin cheats



6 responses to “Dvdmovie’s clubpenguin cheats

  1. You have the second best web on the web of club penguin cheats!!!! I’m the first best and your the second best!!!!!@@@@####$$$$%%%%^^^^&&&&***(((()))))____++++. Your penguin rocks!!!

  2. Dvdmovie! I found another cheat that you can walk on water. Heres how to do it.

    1. Go to the aqua grabber.

    2. Say “no” to play aqua grabber.

    3. Click on water next to aqua grabber.

    4. Say “no” again to play aqua grabber

    5. Youre standing on water, congratulations!

  3. And i found a Card Jitsu glitch/How to talk with newspaper

    Card Jitsu:

    1.Go onto a card jitsu mat and say “Yes” to “Do you want to play card jitsu?”

    2.Click on another mat.

    3.Press the down button on your keyboard.

    4. Now you have found a glitch of mine, gratz!

    Talk with newspaper:

    1. In any room on Club Penguin, go to the left-most or right-most corner of the room.
    2. Open your newspaper, and click on the ‘ We Need You’ link on the newspaper.
    3. Next, click on the ‘Question’ section on that page, and click on the ’submit’ button without typing anything.
    4. Go back to the main page of the newspaper.
    5. Click the ‘ Tab’ button on your keyboard, type anything and hit ‘enter’.
    6. You should now be talking with your newspaper!

    Waddle on,

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